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Hetnet Software supplies end-to-end network management automation products to the Wireless Service Provider community. As part of the Dorado Group of software companies, Hetnet Software leverages state of the art web based tools and network management capabilities that are deployed across hundreds of thousands of revenue producing network elements worldwide. These tools are based on proven functionality in the areas of Fault, Performance and Configuration management. Hetnet Software solutions can be deployed in a modular form so service providers can solve single issues like MPLS backhaul management, or highly complex issues like Self Optimization (SON). Our automation suite is unique in the industry; it can provide SON functionality for both standards based (3GPP / LTE) environments as well as legacy (2G/3G) radio, backhaul and core networks.

As mobile data consumption continues to increase in both volume and numbers of users, wireless service providers are looking for new ways to accommodate this growth. Networks are being expanded and made denser, and providers are faced with continuing bottom line pressures due to an extremely competitive environment. Solutions that help cut costs and improve service are critical to balancing this conundrum.

Hetnet Software’s unique capability to provide SON functionality for both legacy and standards based environments will enable wireless service providers to automate many highly manual and complex activities. These capabilities also help to ensure service quality is optimized at the lowest cost possible. Our team is made up of highly skilled software development, support and implementation engineers and also seasoned wireless network engineering and operations experts. This combination provides Hetnet Software with significant insight into what carriers need and how their problem areas can be solved.

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