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HetnetPM Extends Wireless IP Backhaul Automation for end-to-end Performance Management

El Dorado Hills, CA – October 21, 2014 – Hetnet Software today announced an addition to their product suite for Mobile Operators to include integration of legacy network element performance management. Hetnet Software lets operators automate significant pieces of their network management environment in a user-friendly and cost-effective package enabling lower operating costs while networks are expanding in complexity, density and services. While their initial product, HetnetIP focuses on automating IP Backhaul configuration and management and IP network performance monitoring, many network operators see the need for seamlessly integrating legacy network element performance management with the latest network components in order to get a true picture of end-to-end network performance. This capability can be extended to virtualized network element performance as well. Hetnet Software is involved in a number of network operator trials including automating backhaul provisioning and management as well as end-to-end wireless performance management.

"Software that provides easy visibility to network performance for all aspects of a service provider user environment from engineering to accounting and marketing is critical to ensure business metrics are met," said Ed Kurzenski, COO of Hetnet Software. "They are vital to understand both service and network level performance to determine customer experience and network efficiency."

"As Mobile Operators are experiencing unprecedented growth in data network usage, it is driving network upgrades and expansion in all major markets, especially those deploying LTE, "continued Kurzenski. "They are looking for ways to manage network performance growth and service expectations, while maintaining high quality service levels on the legacy network components."

Hetnet Software's suite of network management capabilities spans the range from performance and fault management of legacy networks to orchestration and management of the latest virtualized network environments from a single modular system providing one source of the network performance truth.

For Mobile Providers, some key benefits are:
-- Seamless web based single screen system capable of managing end-to-end performance management across all physical and virtual network element environments.
-- Leverage easy-to-implement performance management capability that spans legacy, IP and virtualized network environments.
-- When coupled with orchestration capabilities for both physical and virtual environments it provides and automatic integration of all new element performance management data with that of the legacy environment
-- Facilitates integration of NfV performance management to provide true end-to-end perspective of service performance

Availability and Pricing

Hetnet Software’s legacy performance management solution, HetnetPM, and its IP Backhaul configuration management solution, HetnetIP, are available today and are uniquely offered in SAAS or licensed model. Demonstrations are available upon request.

Hetnet Software

Hetnet Software offers solutions for Mobile Operators to cost efficiently manage their legacy and their new dense, complex and virtual network while responding quickly to consumer demand for new services. Hetnet Software, from Dorado Software, is an integrated network and service management solution that automates network management, like SON in a 4G Hetnet, and supports NFV. For more information about Hetnet Software, visit or send an email to

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