Manage today's wireless IP

Automate configuration, management and troubleshooting of wireless IP networks.

Hetnet Software provides critical device control for wireless IP network components resulting in improved network and service quality, accelerated deployments and change control leading to lower operational costs. The flexible, scalable software suite consists of integrated infrastructure management products for multi-vendor, multi-technology environments. Hetnet Software manages the diverse set of interdependent network elements that deliver today's high-speed wireless IP services. The result is a a single source of the truth and visibility into the performance and make up of wireless IP network infrastructure. It also provides the framework for the next generation of network management automation functionality that is critical for self-optimization (SON), management and integration.

Hetnet Software’s core architecture includes Real-time, Historical, Asset, and Configuration engines for a scalable interconnected framework for one application in a single network environment, and the foundation for automating IP network and service management.

For Mobile Providers, some key benefits are:

  • -- Seamless web based single screen system capable of managing their entire IP network environment for traditional FCAPs.

  • -- Leverage easy-to-implement automation that spans both standards based (LTE access environment) and non-standards based (2 and 3G legacy networks and backhaul). In essence to develop self-optimization capabilities anywhere needed in the carrier environment.

  • -- Basis of a single centralized SON system that can manage end-to-end wireless IP network management that orchestrates FCAPS automation and self-healing across legacy and new network elements and services.

  • -- Integrated management of NFV capabilities (MANO), SDN controller automation and IP network to provide end-to-end service management and service chaining orchestration.

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Learn how wireless service providers can manage the integration of small cells, wifi hotspots and distributed antenna systems (DAS) into their existing macro networks

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Key Areas

Firmware/OS Management & Deployment
  • Deploy systems or firmware upgrades to devices, or groups of devices
  • Schedule or immediately backup and restore OS/FW versions
  • Troubleshoot with historical comparison features
Free-Form Configuration - Adaptive command line interface (CLI)
  • Configure and archive the results of scripts sent to devices, or use the device's own basic script language, and then output of Perl scripts to manage repetitive or conditional communication.
  • Pre-installed with popular scripts that you can modify or execute, then monitor.
  • Group and sequence to run as tasks and configure as a response to system events, like alarms or internal notifications for automated response in the form of automated diagnostics, automated inventory analysis and automated reconfiguration.
Deep Discovery, Inventory, CMDB
  • Automated, multi-protocol with centralized credentials management.
  • Maintains associations between the managed equipment to show the interdependencies and interconnections within your network infrastructure
  • Periodically resynchronizes with the network environment to ensure accuracy over time.
  • Provides physical device discovery at the PIC/card and port-level, as well as logical discovery of sub-interfaces and links.
Performance Management
  • Automated end-to-end network management of today’s 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks.
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities provide proactive monitoring of both availability and performance.
  • Immediately identify issues with your network, devices, and services by regularly polling critical health characteristics from multiple sources.
  • Pre-installed with monitors for key network and application services, in addition to performance monitors for key network device attributes such as tracking packet loss, uptime, or any number of service-related KPI's.
  • Easily create your own monitors to customize to your environment.
  • Use collected data to create threshold based alarms,
  • Provides graphical dashboards for device key performance indicators and service performance metrics commitments to consistently ensure you are meeting or receiving proper SLAs.
  • Provides operators with both a near-real-time view, as well as a historical analysis to all wireless network performance metrics in a web-based user interface.
  • Supports legacy 2G and 3G networks using sophisticated data collectors and storage mechanisms to collect performance data from network element operational measurement reports and call detail record (CDR).
  • Complete view of both the network’s perspective of performance and the user’s experience.
  • Traditional traffic measurement and analysis capabilities are supported in Hetnet PM including Erlang and mathematic operators necessary to compile reports.
  • Complete control over what reports are needed and how they are viewed.
  • Provides powerful performance management capabilities for 4G/LTE networks and the IP environment utilized to connect them with the core application servers and the internet.
  • Provides the foundation functionality for Hetnet self-optimization (SON) capabilities in both the non-standards based legacy environment and also in the standards based (3GPP) SON environment.
Configuration File Management
  • Template-based configuration file creation, back-up and restoration – on an automated, scheduled or ad hoc basis.
  • Visual, color-coded configuration file comparison features to quickly identify changes and change history.
Advanced Event & Fault Management
  • Provides keen insight into the health of network and services.
  • Identify real device and interface issues faster by filtering out event "white noise", improve root cause analysis, and reduce time to repair.
  • Correlate events so that the correct action is taken.
  • Easily set up advanced correlations, external notifications, and auto generated scripts with powerful event processing rules.
  • Take immediate actions when issues occur to reduce or eliminate the impact to your customers.
  • Alarms are updated graphically, on the element presentation applications and logical topology icons change color with the corresponding alarm severity to provide a visual indication of events and alarms.
System Self-Management
  • Automate data-archiving of data-like audit trails, alarms, and performance records to avoid overwhelming your database with unnecessary data.
  • System self-monitors its performance and displays the results in dashboards.
  • Use default archiving configurations, or create your own, to discard obsolete information or archive it in files.
Inventory Maintenance
  • Maintenance and suspension states let you reduce distractions while a known device is offline.
  • Track service calls on devices (date, type, technician, comments), and maintain those records in Hetnet Software’s database.
  • Entity Pooling – ensures the most efficient utilization of network resources
Change/Compliance Management
  • Quickly detect and report on changes through event driven or proactive change monitoring.
  • Event-based configuration change detection via SNMP trap, Syslog.
  • Policy-based compliance detection via ProScan™ – pro-active configuration file scanning.
  • Compliance scan policies produce audit trails for better troubleshooting
  • Provides comprehensive reporting of configuration changes: meaningful reports on what changed, who made the change, when the change was made, authorization status.
Multi User views and segmentation (System Feature)
  • Let customers or work groups administer their own network, within the bounds that you set.
  • Administrators create and customize multiple user segmentation sites that do not interfere with each other, while the master site views all user network segments maintaining ultimate control.
Audit Trail
  • Hetnet Software retains a historical view of all transactions with devices. The Audit Trail manager lets you easily revisit these transactions to make troubleshooting easier.
  • Export audit logs in PDF or CSV.
Extensive Reporting
  • Reporting and exporting capabilities can be filtered and customized to accommodate different users.
  • Generate groups of reports, optionally with a table of contents, and trend reports displaying multiple assets.
  • Create reports using dozens of templates (asset tracking, device sub components, network and device performance, etc.) or easily generate custom reports.
  • Execute reports immediately or on a schedule and save output in .pdf, .html, .xls,.csv, and other standard formats, or email them to concerned parties.
User Management
  • Manage user/user group security settings and their functional permissions within the Hetnet Software applications.
Group Management
  • Use seeded groups or create static or dynamic groups to manage one-to-many management actions.
Advanced Scheduling
  • Provides an easy-to-use scheduling system to automate task execution in a lights-out environment – you don’t have to be near the system.
  • Detailed audit records are kept for scheduled task executions.
  • Easily view large environments in a dynamic and highly customizable, flash-enabled topology called Visualize My Network. Model networks logically to see conditions as and where they occur.
  • Map devices' geographical locations with multiple zoom levels from continents to neighborhoods.
  • Physical topology provides a map view of the device locations.
  • View service topology with Hetnet Software Service Center.
  • Logical topology views let you monitor network devices, drill down in any view with a mouse click to subcomponents and logical connections.